Data Tree

A living interactive digital garden

Year: 2020 -Bezalel academy of art and design, the Incobator program.

The virtual world is perceived by many as a metaphysical and abstract space, to which we escape. But reality is different. The environmental implications and resources required to maintain it takes a heavy toll on the planet. A 1-megabyte email consumes in its life cycle an amount of energy equal to 20-minute use of a 60W incandescent bulb.

The "DATA Tree" is a living garden that combines the virtual and physical world in order to reflect the transparent digital energy consumption.

Visitors Interacting With The Digital Garden

Data Tree.mp4
Laser cut steel stand and plexiglass, 3D printed remote controll .


Initial design illustrations and prototyping of the stands

An important detail was what would be the first image to be projected on the Plexiglas and how we use several pixels in different colors so that the image would be read as a plant.

Designin The Space

A look into thespace from eye level
Top view of theentire space

This project is a collaboration with Ori Blich, Efrat Mintz, May Meirson Hagar Ofek, Aya Dekel and Shira Horenshtrin.