Interactive game during social distance

Year: 2020 - Group Hackathon

Kalulu is an interactive game which allows grandparents to play remotely with their young family members, while developing important skills in children, and training mental and physical skills in adults as well.

The game is based on a tangram system, with each side having a smart board that reflects the state of the game, and an array of three-dimensional geometric shapes.

First, the device is connected to the Internet and connects users through the application.

Three modes of operation

Collaboration- In this situation the participants choose a puzzle card that they will build together, this form can only be solved by combining both of the participants boards

A personal challenge- In this situation one participant challenges the other in creating a new form. The challenged side solves the puzzle alone according to the silhouette the challenging side has created for him.

Improvisation- In this situation the game partners can place the geometrical shapes freely and together create a new and new creation.

The game draws on familiar elements from the world of child development, helps to develop fine motor skills in children, works on the perception of space and their geometric understanding in a fun and experiential way, especially when the experience is mediated by an adult.

An award winning Hackathon project in collaboration with Erez Levanon, May Meirson and Ori Blich.